Customer Love

"I had the most amazing time shopping at Tippy Tailor, the vibes were impeccable. I could've spent many (more) hours playing with everything. Such a special place!"

Simone K.

"I would highly recommend shopping with Tippy Tailor. I'm so happy I've gotten to collect such unique pieces from her along the way. Taylor (the owner) does an amazing job at styling and helping you achieve your desired look."

Diana O.

"Tippy Tailor is amazing! Our shopping experience was excellent. Taylor is very helpful and has an amazing fun and festive selection. I highly recommend her, especially for locals!"


"Shopping at Tippy Tailor is its own special event. She has an incredible selection of unique styles and on top of that offers styling advice. I never expected to enjoy shopping as much as I did with her!"

Tristan F.

"My experience at Tippy Tailor was playful and I found the exact Burning Man pieces I needed. Taylor is an expert in helping you find your perfect festival fashion persona! Definitely recommend the in-store shopping experience."

Tamilla M.