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Do you have a special event coming up and are wondering "What am I going to wear?!" Well, I can help you with an answer to that! Especially after being locked down in 2020, parties and events are on the rise and nearly all of them have a theme. And heck, even if they don't wouldn't you want to stand out from the crowd? 

I specialize in ALL types of party-wear styling for parties, festivals, art shows, and even daily wear.

My process is simple: sign up for a FREE 30 minute styling consultation below:

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After our call, I'll get to work on creating a custom style guide just for you that will include links to all the items I've found. I'll ensure they're in stock for your size and that it will ship/arrive in time for your special event. 

Take it one step further with saving time and allow me to purchase the items for you! I'll ensure there is an efficient return policy to make it as easy as possible if something doesn't work out. After our work together is done, I'll send you an invoice for all the items you keep. 


  • Addition to Existing Outfit (single piece or accessory): $50 flat rate
  • Full Outfit Styling: $175 flat rate
  • Two Full Outfits: $300 flat rate 
  • Daily Wear Style Guides: $75 per hour